Nobody should be alone unless they want to.

Everyone needs friends. Studying, going for a run or simply enjoying a meal is so much more fun together. Unfortunately, we often face situations where our closest friends can't accompany us.
Thankfully, most of us have a large number of facebook friends. If we could turn facebook friends into real friends, we would always have a laundry pal, a running buddy, a study partner, or someone to talk to.

Turn facebook friends into real friends with BudEvent. Connect with people in your passive circle of friends easily. Once you sign in with your facebook account, you will be able to see budevents created by your facebook friends. These are simple everyday activities like "going for a run", "studying for math 101", or "watching the game". With a single click you can tell them you'd like to join. You can always change your mind, even at the last minute!

Create your own budevents and watch as your facebook friends show up to have some fun together!

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